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    The History Of The Vintage Cazal 951 Sunglasses

    Cazal 951 is my favorite pair of sunglasses, hands down, without a doubt, unequivocally the best I’ve ever seen. These sunglasses are so dope that most of the people who know anything about anything know that Cazal 951 is the frame to have. Mafuggas keep actin like they don’t know whats up, but they fucking [...]




Leave it to none other than Mr. Jody Highroller himself aka RIFF RAFF and his confidante DOLLA BILL GATES to splash out in Cazal shades at the Vintage Frames booth at the Magic trade show in Vegas last week. Cazals are infamous in the hip hop industry with its extravagant designs and ultra luxe details; [...]


Rick Ross Wears Vintage Cazal 951 Sunglasses

Rick Ross is the true definition of no days off. Lately his face has been everywhere for many different occasions. Rick Ross who has a deal with Reebok, wore a pair of Vintage Cazal 951 sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company for the campaign of the Reebok Kamikaze 2 sneakers.


Rick Ross Wears Vintage Cazal 951 Snakeskin

If there is anyone who can pull off the vintage Cazal 951 from the Vintage Frames Company it’s Rick Ross. These snakeskin glasses are a legitimate rarity even to our enthusiastic vintage collectors. This unisex style is sports-glasses inspired, making them competent to water environments. The detail and authenticity of these glasses makes it worth [...]


Rick Ross Wears Cazal 951 Snake Skin Sunglasses

Rick Ross attended the FrontRow Fashion Show yesterday in NYC, for those who don’t know it is Fashion Week in NYC. Rick Ross is seen in this picture wearing the vintage Cazal 951 Snake Skin sunglasses from the vintage frames company.